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boudoir by colleen

...Let's choose to love ourselves.

Boudoir by Colleen is more of who you are in your silky pajamas or sweater and undies lounging in your living space or breakfast nook. Sexy lingerie with glamour and glitz? If that’s you…then heck yeah let’s do it!
Let’s be real about who we are and LOVE everything about that. Minimal makeup or glammed up and hairstyling to give you just that glow. Guidance will be given in regards to the best outfits that help tell who you are as a powerful woman.


why boudoir

I realize in the modern day we are's often that we women have to face some daunting situations. From gender equality to breastfeeding and any number of things that come our way. 

Boudoir by Colleen is about celebrating you and empowering all women of all sizes and ages! 

Scheduling your boudoir session with me is one step towards empowering yourself to be you and love you for all that you are!

Don't wait till it's the "right time" because we've all done that, and we know full well, there never is a "right time". 

Now is the right time. Because it's always time to love yourself and love the skin you're in. 

Session Fee

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The session fee includes:
- Professional Hair and Makeup Application
- 60 minute private session
- 3 outfits/looks
- $100 product credit

*all products and digital files are purchased via a la carte


boudoir/glamour session

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Session fee includes photographers time and talent, viewing and ordering session and hair and makeup application. Session fee does not apply towards the purchase of products or digital files
** min. 200 purchase requirement not including product credit


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